Alcatel OneTouch Watch Details Released

Earlier in the year, Alcatel announced they were making a smart watch, but no details were given about the release date and features.  The company recently revealed that pre-orders are now available, with the release date being April 30th at the price of $150.  Compared to big name brands like Apple and Samsung, this is a way more affordable.  Even with the Apple Watch releasing soon, the OneTouch should still draw some interest for those who don’t have IPhones and those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The OneTouch is comparable with both Android and IPhone as long the phone’s operating system is up to date.  It has a 1.22 inch display and has a battery life lasting between 2 to 5 days.  The watch will include a silver case with a black band.  Just like many of the smart watches, it is also an activity tracker that has a heart rate monitor included.

If you are caught in between on what watch you should get, here are some articles that include more details about the watch and how it compares to the Moto 360

The Wearable Technology Conference in New York

This summer from July 13th-15th at the Jacobs Javits Center in New York, there will be an expo showcasing and introducing new wearable technology named The Wearable Tech Conference & Expo.  It is hosted by TMC, a global media company.

According to TMC, they have a lot of topics and events that will be covered through the three days.  Their main agenda is to provide the attendance with new perspectives on wearable technologies, interact with other attendees, live demos, and discussions.   The conference intend to cover all aspects of wearable technology like:

  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Mobility
  • The evolution of wearable technology

TMC gave out a complete list of goals that they want to accomplish at this conference.  They are also predicting about 750 people will be attending this event .  If you are interested in attending, here is the link to register.

Passes are as low as $99 by does not include access to the conference sessions.  To get access, purchasing Diamond Team Pass and Platinum Conference Pass costing $995 and $595 respectively, access will be given.  The Diamond Team Pass allows 4 people to attend.

The main speaker of the event will be Gary Davis, Chief Consumer Security Evangelist of McAfee.

Up , Up, and Up with the Jawbone Up3

Considered the best one up to date, the Jawbone Up3 is expected to give you better look at your health, sleeping habits, fitness level, and more which will cost you $180.  Just like all of the previous Jawbones, to get started you have to download the app and sync wirelessly via bluetooth with your phone. With the app, activity tracker, and connected hardware, that will lead you to better choices and keeps you on track on your goals.

The company considers projects and insists that this is an upgrade to the previous version and more precise with the activity tracker.  New features include:

  • Auto Activity Classification
  • Continuous Updating
  • Idle Alert
  • Smart Coach
  1. Auto Activity Classification enables the Jawbone to comprehend what you are doing (ex. floor climbing, walking, running), learns, and tracks what you are doing and is smart enough to know when you’re participating in a sport.
  2. Up3 is connected through the Up software and app updates as it is updating constantly.
  3. On idle alert, the Up3 vibrtes on your wrist to let you know it is time to get active and fulfill your goals.
  4. With Smart Coach, an intelligent guide that assists in making better choices, this brings a second voice in what you should be doing.  Without you notifying your tracker that a workout is about to happen, it automatically picks up increased sustained activity and tracks it for you.

The Moto 360 Version 2

Details to the Moto 360’s 2nd version has finally been revealed. In a supposedly leaked image of the Moto 360 2, It looks like it will be smaller with a fully circular display.  Owners of the current generation are expecting more to come as most stores are now cutting the price of the Moto 360.  The first generation has many interesting features, but not many that are exclusive to the smart watch.  It has:

  • Notifications (text, email, phone, weather)
  • Voice Control
  • Activity Tracker
  • Apps with notifications
  • Water resistant
  • Heart rate monitor

Of course with everything that is released, there is always a positive and negative with the device.  The positives include:

  1. Stylish design
  2. Great build quality
  3. Reasonable Price
  4. Wireless Charging

The negatives to the Moto 360 were:

  1. Poor Battery Life
  2. Inefficient processor
  3. Bland faces

Not much information has been released by Motorola, but fans to the watch have already brought up ideas of what should be on the 2nd version and what the features they would to see in it.  Techradar did a recent post on what they would like to see on it.  They expect a better battery life as the first one only lasted about a day and constantly had to be charged.  Obviously  a better processor is in store because its competition on the market had way better chips and double the RAM. Some Moto 360 users recognized a black bar on the bottom of the face and some found it annoying for the backlight LED to just cut off at the bottom.  Finally, they want to see a sharper and more precise screen as the other one was bulkier and not as bright as thought.

Technology In The Future For Athletes

Wearable technology has advanced a long way and has been very helpful to those interested in fitness, especially for athletes.  Whenever someone gets ready to start working out or go out for a run, their wearable tech like their fitness and tracker is goes along with the items to bring with them.  It is projected for 2015 that the hottest products that will be in high demand will be something that is worn and not carried around.  The reason for this is that these devices have many useful features like:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Miles ran
  • Calories burned
  • Activity Tracker

Some of the devices that have these features include the following:

USA Today reported that the ABI Research projects that about 285 million wearable technologies will be in the market by the year 2017.  Other analysts also project that by 2020,50 billion connected smart devices with a majority of them being worn like accessories.

Sir, Have You Been Drinking Tonight

Every day, people are getting pulled over because they had a little too much to drink and there are those who have to wait a little because they know they drank a lot and have to wait to be able to get their alcohol level below the limit.  With all the wearable technology involved with fitness, these help others to keep themselves and others on the road.

Vive is a bracelet that has an alcohol sensor and a dehydration sensor.  It was created by a group of students at the University of Washington and won “Best Product Concept” at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo 2014.  It aims to avoid to help avoid alcohol related dangers.

The Lapka is a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand and connects to your phone wirelessly via bluetooth.  To activate the device you just blow into the device and it can read you blood-alcohol level.  Right now this product is sold for $99.

For more devices similar to these, look at this article for more information on the two listed and others.

Technology Isn’t Always Useful

Technology is a scientific or industrial process, invention, method, etc.  These inventions are made to make life easier and using less work or force to complete an action.  Just because it helps complete something doesn’t mean it is always useful.  Over time there are been inventions that people have deemed useless or something that doesn’t need to make easier.

Wearable Technology is in the same category as well.

Most of the time whether it is wearable tech, cars, or anything that has many features on a device, not every feature is used.  For example smart watches like the Samsung Gear and Apple Watch have the ability to answer calls and alert the user with notifications of emails,texts, etc.  Some can argue how one can respond to these notifications without using your phone.  There was a list recently made that lists the worst wearable technologies that have ever and you won’t believe some of the things that were invented.

Most Anticipated Release Finally Unveiled

For years, with the wearable technology trend spreading all across the world, we waited for the day for watches to be more than ordinary.  First came the bands that monitor activity and beneficial to those interested in fitness and their personal healthcare.  Then the introduction of smartwatches boosted the popularity of wearable technology.

Companies like Samsung and LG came out with their different variations of the smartwatch and it was a successful release.  Now this year, Apple is finally entering that market.  The Apple Watch release date was finally unveiled for April 24th and this had social media and news networks raving about it.  The wait for the Apple Watch is so big that some companies in the market of smartwatches are hoping that the Apple Watch will also increase the demand for their products.  All of the features, prices, and other unknown information about the Apple Watch was revealed that most likely put people digging in their pockets for money.

The Apple Watch has the same functions like its rivals and then many more amazing features.  Some of the standard include:

  • Phone calls
  • Talk/text
  • Weather
  • Instant notifications
  • Apps and app store
  • Activity Tracker
  • Heart Rate Monitor

Most watches have the same features, but there are six exclusive features to only the Apple Watch discussed by

  1. Apple Pay- A digital payment system allowing IPhone uses to pay without taking out their credit cards
  2. Digital Touch- Send Digital messages to other Apple Watch owners
  3. Crown- The dial on the side
  4. Phone Calls- Can make phone calls from Apple Watch and not just receive phone calls
  5. Battery- Lasts 18 hours
  6. Apps- Higher quality apps

There are three different Apple Watches: Regular, Sport, and Edition.  The regular watch has a stainless steel band that comes in silver and black.  The Sport has anodized aluminum cases in silver or black, an ion-X glass, and come in different color bands.  The Edition is 18-karat gold cases and has a sapphire crystal.

Here is an inside look of the Apple Watch:

Even with the many features in the above video, it doesn’t go into depth of what the Apple Watch brings to the table.  The CNET discussed everything related with the Apple Watch.

The most stunning thing to not only myself, but to everyone on social media is the pricing of the Apple Watch.  With this price of it, it is to be believed that only wealthy people would able to afford this watch because for the price of it, It is not worth it.  The lowest price is $350 with ranging all the up to 22k.  Yes $22,000.  It will vary between which watch you get and the type of band you want.

So for those who is an Apple supporter, be prepared to work overtime and spend some of the money that you were saving because that is what it will take to get it.

Not A Bad Fit, It’s A Misfit

For those not interested with the watches and fitness bands that monitor your health, fitness, and sleep that includes a screen and have time capabilities, there is more than what is in the popular demand. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated, being simple is easy and definetely more convenient to older people not used to the current technology.

The Misfit Shine is an activity tracker that is one of a kind.  Unlike other fitness bands that have screens or watch faces, this doesn’t.  It contains a thin, simple band and in the middle is where all the functions are located.  On the gray face are small LED lights that lets you know your progress on a goal that was set.

There are some advantages to the Misfit Shine as it can go 50 meters underwater and track many activities including:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running/Walking
  • Sleep
  • Food Journal (Eating)

It is compatible with IPhones and Android phones and can only work while connected via bluetooth.  The upside to the Misfit is that it doesn’t have to be worn on your wrist.  The face can be taken off the band and can be placed anywhere on your body, with the most convenient spot being the button on a collard shirt.  The biggest advantage of this activity tracker is that the battery csn last as long as 6 months, allowing you to not having to charge it every week.  To replace the battery all you need is a CR2032 coin cell battery which can be found in most retail stores.

Pain Relief Pills to Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is not only impacting the way you track your fitness, but also helps deal with pain a person has.  All around the world, people suffer from chronic pain and about 100 million in the United States.  To deal with it, people take pain killers and even try homeade remedies to lessen the pain.  Neutrometrix, a healthcare company developed a technology called Qwell, the world’s first wearable technology that functions to relieve pain.

The Qwell is a lighweight device that straps to one’s calf and claims to relieve chronic pain for 15 minutes.  Here are the steps the device uses in the process.

  1. Via electrode, the device stimulates sensory nerves in the upper calf.  This causes the those nerves to carry neutral pulses to the brain.
  2. This prompts the the release of opioids, a natural pain relief response in the central nervous system, which blocks pain throughout the body.
  3. Within 15 minutes, you should experience pain relief.

It can be worn while sleeping and wil include an app that will be accessible through bluetooth, but the app is not required as it can be set manually.

The device is very handy to anyone who suffers pain and not specific to different genders or age groups.  It is very beneficial to those who suffer from:

  • Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoarthritis

For those who are questionable on whether this actually works or if this is right for them, here is a on hand look at it:

Personally, I believe this is the next step not just in the wearable technology area, but in technology as a whole.  For something that has been released that relieves pain and is not a device that contains batteries and serves its purpose is a huge breakthrough.

The Qwell will available later this spring for $250 and has been FDA approved for months.