Technology Isn’t Always Useful

Technology is a scientific or industrial process, invention, method, etc.  These inventions are made to make life easier and using less work or force to complete an action.  Just because it helps complete something doesn’t mean it is always useful.  Over time there are been inventions that people have deemed useless or something that doesn’t need to make easier.

Wearable Technology is in the same category as well.

Most of the time whether it is wearable tech, cars, or anything that has many features on a device, not every feature is used.  For example smart watches like the Samsung Gear and Apple Watch have the ability to answer calls and alert the user with notifications of emails,texts, etc.  Some can argue how one can respond to these notifications without using your phone.  There was a list recently made that lists the worst wearable technologies that have ever and you won’t believe some of the things that were invented.

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