Up , Up, and Up with the Jawbone Up3

Considered the best one up to date, the Jawbone Up3 is expected to give you better look at your health, sleeping habits, fitness level, and more which will cost you $180.  Just like all of the previous Jawbones, to get started you have to download the app and sync wirelessly via bluetooth with your phone. With the app, activity tracker, and connected hardware, that will lead you to better choices and keeps you on track on your goals.

The company considers projects and insists that this is an upgrade to the previous version and more precise with the activity tracker.  New features include:

  • Auto Activity Classification
  • Continuous Updating
  • Idle Alert
  • Smart Coach
  1. Auto Activity Classification enables the Jawbone to comprehend what you are doing (ex. floor climbing, walking, running), learns, and tracks what you are doing and is smart enough to know when you’re participating in a sport.
  2. Up3 is connected through the Up software and app updates as it is updating constantly.
  3. On idle alert, the Up3 vibrtes on your wrist to let you know it is time to get active and fulfill your goals.
  4. With Smart Coach, an intelligent guide that assists in making better choices, this brings a second voice in what you should be doing.  Without you notifying your tracker that a workout is about to happen, it automatically picks up increased sustained activity and tracks it for you.

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